Township of Rockaway

Project Status (as of May 22, 2024)
The Morris County Board of Taxation and the New Jersey Division of Taxation have authorized the Township of Rockaway to perform a reassessment for the 2025 tax year as part of the reassessment program that has been implemented within the Township. This program will ensure uniform and equitable assessments throughout the municipality, account for the recent changes in the real estate market and significantly reduce the costly tax appeals experienced in the past. The Township has contracted Appraisal Systems, Inc. to assist in conducting the Reassessment Program.

As a requirement of the annual reassessment program, an inspection of the interior of 25% of the Township’s properties must be attempted. In accordance with this requirement your property is scheduled to be inspected in the near future. The purpose of this inspection is to maintain accurate and current data regarding your property. Appraisal Systems, Inc. will be supplied with all current Property Record Cards (PRC’s) maintained by the Assessor’s Office and any recent construction permits issued by the Building Department. Appraisal Systems, Inc. representatives will carry photo identification and their names will be registered with the Police Department and the Township Clerk’s office. Please do not allow anyone to enter your home without proper identification. You will be requested to sign the field form used by the representative to acknowledge when an interior inspection is made. Please advise the occupants of any rental units you may own so they are prepared for the inspection.

Regardless of when a property is visited during this program, the new property values will be determined based on their estimated market value as of October 1, 2024 (the statutory date required by law). It is important to note that while only 25% of properties are being inspected each year; all properties in town will be valued. All property owners will be notified by mail of their proposed assessed values and will have an opportunity to question/contest the values.

Any inquiries with respect to the inspection and/or valuation procedure should be directed to Appraisal Systems, Inc. at (201) 493-8530.

Thank you for your cooperation during the reassessment process.

Introductory Materials
2024 - Rockaway Intro Letter (pdf file)
Reassessment PowerPoint Presentation (pdf file)

Inspector Info/Identification
Anibal(Jimmy) Feliciano - Inspector 261 (pdf file)
Brendan Hendrickson - Inspector 56 (pdf file)
Dave Kaye - Inspector 90 (pdf file)
Don Flynn - Inspector 110 (pdf file)
Frank Franzese - Inspector 412 (pdf file)
Frederico Meyer - Inspector 154 (pdf file)
Gennaro Anzevino - Inspector 287 (pdf file)
Gregg Bucino - Inspector 112 (pdf file)
Jason Mohren - Inspector 186 (pdf file)
John Jack Lyons - Inspector 323 (pdf file)
Jonathan Englishmen - Inspector 315 (pdf file)
Justin Brennan - Inspector 83 (pdf file)
Luis Miguel Foster-Batista - Inspector 297 (pdf file)
Michael Kopplin - Inspector 17 (pdf file)
Peter Gavin - Inspector 198 (pdf file)
Pierce Tuttle - Inspector 328 (pdf file)
Raymond Zavala - Inspector 176 (pdf file)
Ruben Merino - Inspector 384 (pdf file)
Shawn Nazareth - Inspector 403 (pdf file)
William Lynch - Inspector 64 (pdf file)

Inspector Location Assignments
ROCKAWAY Twp Inspector Locations (xlsx file)