Boro of Franklin

Project Status (as of January 11, 2023)
A reassessment of all real estate property in the Borough of Franklin is now being undertaken on an annual basis to ensure uniform and equitable assessments. Appraisal Systems Inc. (ASI) has made a complete analysis of all recent market data in order to accomplish this task and determine the value of all properties as of October 1, 2022. The market analysis of your property has been arrived at in accordance with the rules and regulations mandated by the State of New Jersey.

The aggregate value of total assessments in Franklin Borough has increased for the 2023 tax year; therefore, the tax rate will change accordingly. For comparative purposes, a tax rate of $2.645 (per $100 of assessed value) has been estimated for 2023 to give property owners a sense of how their property taxes may increase or decrease based on the new 2023 proposed property assessments. This estimated tax rate does not include any potential budget increases in 2023, and the exact tax rate cannot be computed until the County, School and Municipal budgets are approved and calculated into the official 2023 tax rate next year.

If you desire, you may speak with an Appraisal Systems Inc. representative to discuss any relevant information regarding your new proposed 2023 assessed value as it relates to the market value of your property. Meetings can be arranged by calling (201) 493-8530 Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:30 A.M and 4:00 P.M.

If you wish to request a copy of your property record card for your review, please email Please allow up to 72 hours to receive your property record card by email.

Thank you for your continued cooperation during the reassessment process.

Introductory Materials
Franklin Borough Introductory Letter (pdf file)
Franklin Borough Reassessment Presentation (pdf file)
Franklin Reassessment Brochure (pdf file)

Tax Impact
Franklin 2023 Tax Impact Study (pdf file)
Franklin 2023 Tax Worksheet (pdf file)
Franklin 2023 Tax Worksheet (xlsx file)

Neighborhood Map
Franklin NBHD Map (pdf file)

Sales Reports
Franklin List of 2021 - 2022 Sales (xlsx file)

Assessment Lists
Franklin 2023 Residential Assessments (xlsx file)

Definitions and Codes
Non Usable Sales Codes and Definitions (pdf file)