Boro of Oradell

Project Status (as of September 16, 2020)
The Bergen County Board of Taxation and the New Jersey Division of Taxation has authorized Oradell to perform a reassessment program for the 2021 tax year as part of the annual reassessment program that has been implemented within the Borough. The Borough has contracted Appraisal Systems, Inc. to assist in conducting the Reassessment Program.

As a requirement of the annual reassessment program, 25% of all properties within the Borough need to be inspected each year.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, inspections will be conducted for EXTERIOR ONLY. Inspectors will be taking photographs, measurements and will be supplied with protective gear and identification. An interior inspection will be attempted at a later date and based on future developments.

If you have any concerns about this inspection procedure please call Appraisal Systems, Inc. at (201) 493-8530.

Introductory Materials
Oradell Introductory Letter 2021 (pdf file)

Inspector Info/Identification
Bernon Fernandez - Inspector 141 (pdf file)
Christian Kozuch - Inspector 415 (pdf file)
Declan Scanlon - Inspector 257 (pdf file)
Kyle Fisher - Inspector 197 (pdf file)

Inspector Location Assignments
Inspector Locations (xlsx file)