City of Jersey City

Project Status (as of May 2, 2018)
The revaluation of Jersey City has concluded. The final tax list has been submitted to the Hudson County Board of Taxation. If you disagree with your assessment the next step would be to file a tax appeal with the Hudson County Board of Taxation. You can download an appeal form by visiting the forms page of the NJ Division of Taxation’s website: Appeal Form

Please note that appeals must be received (not merely postmarked) by the Hudson County Board of Taxation on or before June 18, 2018. At the time of your appeal you should be prepared to demonstrate any evidence supporting your opinion of fair market value, such as recent sales of similar properties in your area.

Inspector Locations
Interactive Map of Inspector Locations

Introductory Materials
Introduction Letter English (pdf file)
Introduction Letter Spanish (pdf file)

Inspector Info/Identification
Alejandro Kohatsu - Inspector 27 (pdf file)
Anibal Jimmy Feliciano - Inspector 261 (pdf file)
Brian Acciani - Supervisor- 166 (pdf file)
Cristian Yunda - Inspector 147 (pdf file)
David Anzaldo - Supervisor - 123 (pdf file)
Dennis Esterline - Commercial Inspector (pdf file)
Edward Guarducci - Inspector 182 (pdf file)
Eric Wright - Inspector 51 (pdf file)
Francisco Rosario - Inspector 208 (pdf file)
Glenn Holmes - Commercial Inspector (pdf file)
Herman Chen - Inspector 243 (pdf file)
James Wellington - Commercial Inspector (pdf file)
Julian Walton - Inspector 288 (pdf file)
Michael Kelly - Commercial Inspector (pdf file)
Michael Lagrosa - Inspector 280 (pdf file)
Michael Malleo - Inspector 153 (pdf file)
Nadeem Qavi - Inspector 10 (pdf file)
Shaharyar Khan - Inspector 225 (pdf file)
Steele Kevin - Supervisor - 14 (pdf file)
Ted Padullo - Commercial Inspector (pdf file)
Training Areas - Inspectors - 166 14 123 (pdf file)
Viresh Parekh - Inspector 264 (pdf file)
Yury Polonsky - Inspector 110 (pdf file)

Tax Impact
Jersey City 2018 Revaluation Tax Impact TAX LIST (pdf file)

Neighborhood Map
Neighborhood VCS map (jpg file)

Sales Reports
Sales information (pdf file)

Assessment Lists
Proposed Assessments as of April 18th (xlsx file)
Proposed Commercial Assessments as of April 20th (xlsx file)

Definitions and Codes
Non Usable Sales Codes and Definitions (pdf file)