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EXPERIENCE: Appraisal Systems, Inc.: 1981-Present

Ernest F. Del Guercio, Sr., the firm's founder and Chief Executive Officer has been involved in virtually every phase of the revaluation and assessing profession in the State of New Jersey since 1955.

He obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Montclair State College and Masters Degree from Kean University.

Mr. Del Guercio is a frequent lecturer on assessing and revaluation practices in the state and has repeatedly lectured at seminars and workshops sponsored by the Association of Municipal Assessors of New Jersey, the New Jersey County Tax Boards Association and various appraisal organizations that provide continuing certification credits for New Jersey Appraisers and Assessors.

His lectures have included a wide range of revaluation and assessment topics that include: “Defining Neighborhoods for Valuation”, “The Valuation of High-End Houses”, “Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal Modeling Concepts”, “Exemptions and Abatements”, and “Responsibilities of Tax Assessors at Tax Appeal Hearings”, all educational seminars designed specifically for New Jersey Tax Assessors, Tax Commissioners, Administrators and Fee Appraisers; “The Process of Revaluation”, presented to the International Association of Assessing Officers, to cite a few examples.

He has presented the process of revaluation to over 300 taxpayer groups, explaining the “Hows & Whys” of valuing real property in the State of NJ for tax purposes.

He is most proud of his status as teacher. Docendo Discimus, we learn by teaching.

In 1957 he was employed by the J.L. Jacobs Company, a Chicago based firm that was contracted by the State of New Jersey to develop the first addition of the Real Property Appraisal Manual for New Jersey Assessors providing him with first hand knowledge of the manual that is today an integral part of the State's assessing methodology.

In 1967, Mr. Del Guercio became a partner in the revaluation firm of Revaluation and Appraisal Services Incorporated, serving as President from 1967-1973.

Mr. Del Guercio also served as an Assessor for thirty-four years, from 1972 to 2006. During that period of time he was employed by the Borough of Chester, the Township of Chatham, the Borough of Florham Park, the Township of Long Hill, the Borough of Mendham, the Township of Mendham, the Township of Millburn, the Township of Randolph and the Township of Harding.

In 1981, he founded Appraisal Systems Incorporated and has guided its growth to its status today as the leading Revaluation firm in the state.

Drawing upon his experiences as an Educator, Assessor, and revaluation company employee and owner, Mr. Del Guercio has been responsible for many major industry wide innovations in practice today.

He has been involved in the valuation and assessment practices of over 250 municipalities in the State of New Jersey over a 50 year plus career.